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~ Jewellery made with heart by goldsmith is not just stylish accessory, but also a work of art. ~


We have our own design team capable of providing exclusive jewelry designs for our customers. We also welcome customers to provide their own designs or sketches, which we will turn into the perfect product for you. Creating your own unique products can significantly enhance your company’s image.

Being able to offer unique products will boost your brand’s visibility. People prefer to own something unique rather than products that are mass-produced and sold by many different sellers.

Our consistent goal is to protect our customers’ designs, ensuring they have absolute confidence in us.



Our creative designers and professional production teams collaborated to participate in the 2017 Shanghai Design Competition and won the awards.


Welcome to our exhibition event section! We are a jewellery design and manufacturing company with extensive experience, proudly participating in several renowned jewellery exhibitions. Our professional team is dedicated to creating high-quality jewellery art products, each imbued with our pursuit of beauty and passion for craftsmanship.

Our Exhibition Journey: Our products have been highly praised at multiple international jewellery exhibitions, including:

JGWHK: We showcased a unique series of designs and established connections with buyers from all over the world.

JGT Dubai: Our exclusive jewellery product series shone brightly here, attracting countless gazes.

In ancient culture, the dragon possesses a profound history and symbolic significance, being seen as a symbol of power, wisdom, and good fortune. The dragon bracelet, as a piece of jewellery, not only showcases the goldsmith’s exquisite craftsmanship but also carries a rich cultural heritage. The goldsmith’s attention to detail and respect for traditional craftsmanship.

This dragon bracelet represents our contemporary rendition of this age-old culture, a crystallization of artisanship and cultural inheritance.