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Company Philosophy

Jewellery manufacturing industry has been booming in Hong Kong since the 1980s.  Mr. Cheung Kin Ming (Ming Gor) devoted himself to the industry and has been manufacturing jewellery for 40 years. 

“Jewellery made with heart by goldsmith is not just stylish accessory, but also a work of art.” --- Mr. Cheung Kin Ming

Ming Gor likes to develop and dare to try different types of manufacturing technology.  By this, he keeps on enhancing production quality and in 2002, he established his own factory Chong Lai Jewellery.  By combining modern technology and traditional craft, the factory creates jewellery like no other. 

In terms of production operations, Ming Gor has his own philosophy of management.  Rather than expanding the scale of the factory, he places greater focus on team spirit, proper utilization of resources and precision of the production process, as to ensure every piece of jewellery meets the quality requirement.  Although in recent years the whole world is facing economic downturn, Ming Gor has been more active in expanding his business.  In 2022, he even obtained a patent for one of the technologies "metal chasing craft" he developed.

With perseverance and his passion for jewellery craft, Ming Gor continues to be innovative and improve his manufacturing technology, hoping to create a better tomorrow for the jewellery manufacturing industry.